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12mm Dia x 16mm | Pack of 1

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Product Details

Size: 12mm diameter x 16mm long

Quantity: 1

Grade: N45 Neodymium

Pole location:  Poles on flat faces

Pull/Push: About 6kg between each other or to 2.1mm sheet steel


  • This is a SINGLE, "gutsy" magnet, good for general educational use. Strength and shape is good for handling. For buying a SMALLER single magnet, see my D8x8mm listing. I sell cheaper in bulk packs through my many other listings, but am only allowed to sell bulk for hardware, educational or scientific use, or where they will become "component" parts of other products". 
  • About 10 times more pull than the traditional, grey, ferrite type
  • This type of magnet never weakens with age
  • Triple plated for durability: Ni/Cu/Ni

Potential Uses:

  • Educational science projects
  • Use with iron sand or iron filings to learn about magnetic fields
  • Cover it with a sheet of card and sprinkle with iron filings or black sand (from a West Coast beach). Remove any sand from the magnet with adhesive tape.


  • Not for kids! Two or more, if swallowed, can lethally puncture gut tissue.
  • They can pinch skin and cut clothing.
  • The material is brittle. It can chip or break during collisions. Eye protection advised.
  • For credit cards, pacemakers etc, keep at a distance where the field is negligible. 


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