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Smaller Quantities

Pricing for Smaller Quantities:

Online we choose to only sell complete packs. However, we also offer the option for custom or smaller quantity orders. These can be arranged by email. Please send an email and we can create a custom online order for you to then pay online. 

Common custom orders that we are happy to arrange are 

  • Smaller quantity orders. Where the quantity is priced the same per magnet as our full packs. 
  • Half-packs of just one magnet size, at half price of a full pack.
  • If multiple amounts of half-packs are needed. A minimum or 2 half packs are required. (Normal price per magnet).

*Please note all custom orders have an $8.00 fee. This fee covers handling, counting, stock control and record keeping of our products.

Full courier charges will still apply - one charge per order.