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Magnet Information

Neodymium magnets are incredibly strong for their size. However we understand that this can be difficult to gauge online. Below is some general information to assist in answering common queries or selecting the right size. 


  • The strength of a neodymium magnet depends on its distance from the surface it magnetizes to. The closer the magnet to the object it's attracting to, the more pull force. For example: when using a magnet to hold documents on a fridge, the more sheets of paper there are, the greater the distance between the magnet and the fridge. This increased distance weakens the magnet's pull.
  • Stacking magnets will increase a magnets pull. If you are finding an individual magnet is not strong enough, you can counter this by stacking 2 magnets together. 
  • A neodymium magnets pull is very strong. Therefore if two magnets are not at a safe distance they are susceptible to pulling together at fast speeds. This can result in them colliding and shattering. Even when two magnets are distant, their persistent attraction will cause them to pull together. The speed at which they collide will be greater if the distance between them is larger. Therefore it is important to handle the magnets following the safety precautions. Safe handling information can be found on our Safety and Warning page.  


*Please note this shattering can still occur even during handling. We advise the method of sliding magnets together to avoid the risk of breaking the magnets.