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42mm Dia x 9.1mm Pot Magnets | Pack of 2

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Product Details

Size: 42mm diameter x 9.1mm thick Pot magnet with 6.4mm hole 

Quantity: 2

Grade: N45 Neodymium

Pole location:  Pole on flat face

Pull/Push: About 37kg to 3.8mm sheet steel. Resistance to sliding, about 1/3 of that.

Pot magnet details:

  • Specialised "Pot" construction
  • A neodymium magnet housed in a steel “pot”
  • Extra durable
  • The highly-localised field is across a narrow ring on only the countersunk side
  • They pull best to flat steel, eg thick washer
  • Not for pulling from a distance, or to another magnet, or motors - use a STANDARD magnet for that
  • Still pulls strongly when set into steel.


  • This is not a standard neodymium magnet, it is a Pot Magnet
  • About 10 times more pull than the traditional, grey, ferrite type
  • This type of magnet never weakens with age
  • Triple plated for durability: Ni/Cu/Ni

Potential Uses:

  • Holding tools, etc
  • Holding panels & fittings to steel walls
  • When magnetic fields must be kept to a minimum


  • Not for kids! Two or more, if swallowed, can lethally puncture gut tissue.
  • They can pinch skin and cut clothing.
  • The material is brittle. It can chip or break during collisions. Eye protection advised.
  • For credit cards, pacemakers etc, keep at a distance where the field is negligible.


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