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These are also known as RARE EARTH MAGNETS

They are about ten times stronger for their size than traditional (grey-coloured) magnets, and they do not weaken with age. Our wide range of sizes covers most applications.

N45 grade is our standard. It is significantly stronger than the commonly sold N35 grade. (Grades higher than N45 cost significantly more and break more easily.)

Dangerous Magnets Ltd is always prepared to help customers choose suitable-sized magnets for their particular application.


Because neodymium magnets are so strong for their size, buyers need to be aware of the dangers:

  • Neodymium magnets must not be swallowed. If more than one magnet (of any size) is swallowed, or a magnet and a piece of steel is swallowed, they can attract together across intestinal tissue, requiring surgery. If tissue is punctured, the condition can be fatal. So keep magnets away from young children!
  • When Neodymium magnets collide together or to steel, medium and large sizes can pinch and wound skin, or cut clothing.
  • In a collision, these magnets accelerate to high velocity, and possibly shatter. Sharp chips can leap away, so eye protection is advisable.
  • The large sizes, or a stack of large diameter discs, are capable of acting like a hammer, crushing fingers.
  • They should be kept a sensible distance (where the pull is negligible) from credit cards, cassette tapes, pace makers, GPS, and other possibly sensitive electrical and electronic devices.
  • If working with larger magnets, see SAFE HANDLING PAGE.